By: Robert Moore

T20 ★★★★★

See my videos on YouTube and TikTok (hacks and rides).... The FreeGoEV T20 is the best eBike at any price, for street, city, bike path (like Pacific Palisades to Venice, Redondo Beach beach bike paths). The Remote Control let's you Power the T20 on and off, as well as the eBike Alarm (you don't need the keys, lock the battery for security, put the keys away, charge in-bike). I bought this March 2022, now it's July 10, the FreeGoEV T20 is GREAT! MUCH better than a Fat Tire eBike (quiet tires, 10 to 20 pounds lighter), though for city and bike paths, not necessarily for trails (folding eBike bad idea for trail). I hacked the speed so it's top speed is just over 23mph. I hacked the Pedal Assist to disable it, now it's Pedal Only, Electric Only, or both! PLUS now I get well over 50 miles of range on a charge! Visit my website and YouTube Channel for videos on my Hacks and eBike rides! Also my TikTok! TikTok = @johnavatarcom

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