Battery for T20/X20
This product is only compatible with the T20/X20 E-Bike, please make sure that your model matches this product. Material: Lithium 18650 Size:16.9" x 1.69" x 4"
Charger for T20/X20
This Charger is only suitable for T20/X20, please make sure that your model matches this product. INPUT: 110V OUTPUT: 2.0A
Brake Pads Set for DK200/T20
This Set is only suitable for DK200/T20, please make sure that your model matches this product (different batches' parts may differentiate, please consult before purchasing. And there are products on other platforms that are similar to ours which may make the parts differentiate). One Set contains two pads.Include: 2*Disc Brake PadsType: 160cc
Sold Out
Frame of FreegoEV Foldable Electric Bike T20
This is a frame of FreegoEV T20, excluding charger and battery.  
Controller for T20
This controller is only suitable for T20, please make sure that your model matches this product.
Seat Bag for T20/X20/ES10
This seat bag is only suitable for T20/X20/DK200/ES10, please make sure your model matches this product. Material: Sponge Size: 7.48''x4.72''x2.75''
Foot pedal Pair for T20/X20/DK200 - Purple
This pedal is only suitable for T20/X20/DK200, please make sure that your model matches this product. A pair contains two pedals. Length: 125 mm Width: Weight: 137g Material: Aluminum

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