FreegoEV DK200 All terrain Adventure Ebike Ride Review



By: solarcabin

DK200: ★★★★★


I got this FreegoEV DK200 1200 Watt Adventure Ebike from Ebay and have been riding it a lot for the last few weeks and it has been my go to ebike for winter riding. I love the all terrain 20x4 fat tires and feel very safe even at 20+mph on snowy streets and trails. Ebike has good speed and is class 3 or unlimited if you want to set it higher. You can see in the video I was doing 28+ and verified it with my GPS app. I have the amps set to 12amp and can be set higher to 20 amp for off road riding. Code to enter parameters is 2020.


The ebike is well made with solid construction and they were very quick to help with a battery damaged in shipping and setting up the ebike for higher speeds which requires a code over ride. Ebike has hydraulic brakes, 180mm disks, single speed and basic front fork suspension. Motorcycle grade foam seat is comfortable. Integrated bright headlight and tail light. 48 volt 20 Ah battery for long range and power.


I like the torque and power and I have an AOSOM trailer and sled I pull with the ebike and can haul my adventure dog Tazaroo no problem. I have not done a long range test yet but from my calculations I should get 30 miles on PAS5 and farther with lower PAS setting. Enough for me to do supply runs to town and back on a full charge.


It is not the most comfortable bike for long distance because the lower handle bars makes you lean forward but you need that for more control for trail riding so it is a compromise.


I will be doing more reviews of this ebike but hopefully that helps anyone considering these ebikes.

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